Learn how to create time for your Scrapbooking Hobby
You’ve organized the pictures, you have lots of paper and other supplies — in fact you have so many, you are now a certified scrapbook supply collector! However, there is a bigger problem for you and it is called a lack of time. You know that no one will be able to enjoy the great moments you captured on film if you don’t get going, yet day in and day out, you just can’t find the time to scrapbook.

I know the reality is that sometimes it is just too hard to get going on our Scrapbooking. I also know that the majority of scrapbookers are mothers, who must take care of the needs and wants of their children, and take care of a home. With cooking, cleaning, and in some cases, work outside of the home, how are you to find the time? In this article, I hope to help you find that time so that you can make progress in your Scrapbooking.

Your Attitude

Now, don’t take that heading the wrong way, but you have to admit, you attitude has a lot to do with your lack of Scrapbooking. It isn’t that your attitude is bad; it is just that you haven’t got to a point yet where you really want to make the time to scrapbook. No matter how convincing I am trying to sound, and no matter how many times you read this article, or others like it, you won’t make the time unless you REALLY want to. Make senses?

Now is the time to change your way of thinking. While we all hate to think about it, imagine if tomorrow you were gone from this Earth. Would you leave behind albums full of memories or boxes full of photos? This is not to say that you have to be totally caught up — in some cases, you will never be caught up. Accept that fact and move on. Decide now and today that you will make Scrapbooking a priority!

To-Do Lists

“To-Do” Lists are one way to remind yourself to spend some time scrapping. With “To-Do” Lists, you develop a list everyday that has all the things you need or want to get done. I suggest starting off with the tasks that are most important. Chances are that with all the things you have to get done, Scrapbooking won’t be at the top of your list, but make sure you get it on there somewhere. Also, be sure to be specific about what you want to get done with your Scrapbooking that day. For example, if you have been working on a specific layout, make a goal to get it done. As you work down your list, cross off each task that you have completed. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you have completed your “have-to’s” and now you get to spend sometime on your scrapbooks!

Same Time, Same Place

Some scrappers have found that they can get the most done with their Scrapbooking when they scrap at the same time of day, everyday. This time is different for everyone. Mothers with small children in the home may find using the time they have during naps or after the children are in bed for the night, the best time to scrap. Others who have children in school during the day will find that to be the best time. Consider the following when deciding when the best time is for you to schedule your scrapping time:

Can I scrap well with my children around?
When do I usually enjoy my leisure activities?
Do I scrap better during long scrapping sessions or small blocks of time?

Answering these questions will help you to determine when scrapping will best fit into your schedule.

Me, My TV, & My Scrapbooks

Another idea for finding the time is to plan your Scrapbooking during a favorite television show. Let’s say you love to watch the hour long drama “E.R.” on NBC every week. Make a pact with yourself that you will not allow yourself to sit and watch “E.R.” unless you are scrapping at the same time. What a great incentive! The best part is that if you do no other scrapping all week, you can rest assured you are making some progress because you will get something done during that favorite TV show!

Your Own Scrapbook Area

I don’t mean necessarily a whole room (but those are great too!), but how about a table or desk, just for your scrapping? If possible, find an area of your home that you can set up and leave all your Scrapbooking supplies at it. If you have a place that everything is ready at all the time, you are more likely to work on your scrapbooks. If you have to lug out all your pictures, albums and supplies every time, you might find your Scrapbooking hobby to be a hassle and that isn’t going to help motivate you!


One of the best ways I have found to really get some scrapping done is to plan scrapping sessions, also known as crops, with a friend or two or at a local scrapbook store. Usually when you make plans with someone else, you will follow through, but when it is only you, you tend to let other things get in the way. So, find a friend that enjoys Scrapbooking — all you really need is just one other person, but sometimes the more the merrier! Then schedule the best time for your scrapping — once a week.

Don’t have a Scrapbooking friend? Visit your local scrapbook store and see when they have crops — sign up for the next one and in no time, you will have scrapping buddies!

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