Scrapbooking is unlike almost everything else in your life.

As a mother of small children, the layouts and cards that you make stay finished, unlike the dishes and the diaper changes. When your done with a piece, put it up where you can see it as you walk past, and feel a small but sure sense of accomplishment. And that is one of the reasons to scrapbook. There are others: – Scrapbooking offers a connection to the community. Classes and crops are serving the same social function that quilting bees once did. This is a time to get together with friends, to share precious memories, to exercise your artistic expression, and to get something accomplished. – When your children leave home, and if they are ever feeling down, they will look through the scrapbook you’ve created for them. They will hear your words and feel your love span across time and space. And, beyond that, when you are gone, your voice, your memories, and the written and visual record of your philosophy and your values will live on. – Scrapbooking helps us to remember that our life is our art. The time you spend Scrapbooking helps to remember that every single moment you spend being a good mom – as well as a good human being – is time spent in positive, artistic creation. And I have no doubt that if we all spent more of our time in positive, artistic creation, the world would be a better place. Whenever I spend time cropping, I relish the present moment with my family more fully as the very moments I seek to capture and celebrate on my pages play out in my living room. Time spent Scrapbooking is time spent in open, ardent appreciation of your family and the experiences that you have had. It’s a way of honoring the experiences and people in your life with your time and reflection. A scrapbook is a treasured gift. It is a piece of the real you – the real artistic, emotional you – which encourages others to show their artistic, emotional, real selves, too. And you can start today!

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