When I was growing up, my mom would sew dresses for me and my sisters for special occasions. We’d go to the fabric store and pore over pattern books, looking for the perfect pattern. I’d be so excited to try on each piece of the dress as it came together like a puzzle. Sewing clothing is as much a mystery to me now as it was when I was eight years old, but I’ve discovered a way to put that Bernina to good use! Even if you’ve never sewn a single scrap of clothing, you can still use your sewing machine to add fun looks to your scrapbook pages by sewing on accents, journaling blocks and borders From journaling blocks to accents to borders, you can create charming looks on your scrapbook pages by stitching elements with a sewing machine. Practice on a piece of scrap paper first to get the feel of sewing on paper. With a pencil or a disappearing ink pen, draw lines where you plan to stitch. If you’re going to tear the edges of your photo mat or accent , sew first and tear second. Avoid sewing through more than three pieces of cardstock. Avoid “knotting” off the end of your stitching by going back and forth over the same area, as you do on fabric. This will cause perforation. Simply quit sewing; the stitches won’t unravel easily. You may want to secure the item you’re sewing to the page with adhesive first so it won’t move while you’re working. Wondering what exactly to sew on your scrapbook page? That’s easy—anything you would otherwise glue to your page can be sewn on. Here are some fun ideas to get you started : Ribbon, ricrac or fabric accents, die cuts, Wallies or your own handmade designs, pockets, journaling blocks, memorabilia, title blocks photo mats, borders, patches & flowers.

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