I will be closed Thursday & Friday

                                 August 3rd & 4th

                      and Friday September 15th

New Hours: 

Mon, Tues, Wed & Sun. – Closed

Thurs. – 1 to 5 p.m.

Fri. & Sat. – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Come scrap with us at Scrapbook Haven

Plan your Retreat today!  Do you have 6 or more ladies to get together for a scrapbook retreat?  Call Scrapbook Haven today and reserve your spot.  It’s $10.00 a day per person.  I can hold up to 30 ladies at one time. 

Need a place to stay?  Call Holiday Inn Express in Mt. Vernon:  740-392-1900.  Tell Them your scrappin at scrapbook Haven for a discount.    Compimentary Breakfast is included.


Think back…
What do you remember
about your grandparents?
How amazing would it be to be
able to flip through a book
to see a day in their lives?
Now think forward…
wouldn’t it mean a lot to your kids,
nieces or nephews or grandkids,
to be able to see a day in your life
today 30 years from now?
Looking at photos will bring back memories,
but photos alone can’t capture
the whole story behind them.
That’s where scrapbooking comes in.
When you scrapbook,
you preserve your unique stories
for future generations to enjoy long after you’re gone.